Management support

Interim management

Sector Matters can relieve short term pressures on your management team by providing an interim manager to support you during periods of transition - for example: during the absence of a key member of staff or whilst you undertake successor planning.  We can provide you with an effective blend of drive, experience and voluntary and community knowledge.

An interim manager can be assigned to your organisation on a part time basis for as long as you need them, giving your organisation the flexibility of an experienced, cost effective resource at short notice.

Off Line supervision

Any key management post can be an isolated one and stress can be compounded by the lack of a peer or confidante in the workplace with whom to discuss day-to-day pressures and problems. 

Sector Matters can provide a dedicated space away from the workplace to reflect on your work, with an objective, experienced senior manager, in a confidential and one-to-one setting. This can reduce day-to-day stress levels and provide long-term gain for the organisation. It can be an invaluable resource for Directors, CEOs, managers and staff to help develop their skills and knowledge, identify training and development needs, and access personal support.